About us


Temeco has its origins in the early '90. In a period when market economy was still at the stage of project, a small group of collaborators, all passionate about the motor world, had the courage to start a business.

In 1991, the founding year, passion had the same major role that it has today, after over 15 years of activity. Though, just enthusiasm and passion are not enough to succeed. One needs professionalism, innovation and steady performance for a successful business, while dynamism and flexibility are essential to better meeting customer needs.

Along the years, Temeco scored many national premieres: 1993 - the first import of Bosch car parts in Romania; 1996 - the first Bosch Car Service in Romania; 1996 - the first import of Bridgestone / Firestone tires in Romania.

Starting from a mere auto parts store, today the company develops more types of activities: auto service, distribution of auto parts, trade and services in the field of power tools and building equipment, trade and services in the field of electronic accessories for cars.

The steady development comes from our commitment to adapting to customer needs and requirements. Operating within an increasingly competitive environment and meeting increasingly complex customer requirements urge us to offer not only the best products, but also the services appropriate to specific needs.

Therefore, we believe that it is our service is to be in your service!


In 1991, a small group of enthusiastic collaborators set the foundations of Temeco. The link between them is both passion and the belief that „genuine financial independence is not having fortune, but having the force to make fortune”. Very soon, all these are reinforced by the strict rules on which any successful business is based.

After several searches, the founding associates establish the headquarters of the company in Calea Dorobantilor no. 54 and begin the activity of spare parts merchandising. On the vacant space, at the time, a temporary building is installed. Later, three garages are built.


The construction of the definitive building - the headquarters of the company today - starts in September. The financing comes from bank credits and profit reinvestment.



The small team of five entrepreneurs welcome a few foreign investors. With no doubt, without their financial involvement, Temeco would not have become what it is today. From this point on the premises of any successful business are created: financial power associated with passion, competence, creative energy and the desire to impose a name on the market.

Vienna, July 7th - the contract with Robert Bosch AG is concluded. Right afterwards, Temeco makes the first Bosch auto parts imports in Romania.

The commercial activity is moved in the first space with this destination of the new building.



On the 29th of September, the inauguration of the first Bosch Service in Romania takes place in the presence of official representatives of the BoschCenter in Vienna as well as local officials. The opening confirms the inclusion of Temeco in the worldwide Bosch Service network, as a natural continuation of the trade activity bearing this brand.

ProCar is founded with majority participation from Temeco. The two companies form the Temeco group.

Temeco organizes the Auto Design Camp and sponsors the carting team of the Children's Home and the Tivoli Tennis Cup.


Temeco makes the first import of Bridgestone / Firestone tires in Romania. Several years later, the Japanese-American company was to win the supreme title in Formula 1, the most important motor World Championship. Following this performance, several Formula 1 tires are exhibited in Temeco in order to prove the quality of brands’ tires. During the collaboration with Mitsui & Co. Benelux., the European Bridgestone / Firestone manufacturer, the cumulated experience results in an swift increase of the business segment and customer portfolio.

Both the trade of power tools and Blaupunkt equipments start to take shape. 

The auto parts and accessories distribution network is built across the Western region of the country. Bosch includes Temeco and two other companies (from Ukraine and Bulgaria) into a pilot program meant to diversify the range of products and services on the Eastern European market.


The Temeco–Bosch partnership is consolidated by the official opening of the Bosch representative in Bucharest, Romania.

The Power Tool Department completes the range of services offered to its customers by setting up a repair workshop equipped according to Bosch standards in respect of original documentation and a specialized team.

April 26th: the final reception of the building in Calea Dorobantilor no. 54 takes place.

July: launching of Dacia Nova Cup, the first mono-mark driving competition of Romania. Temeco equips six racing cars and offers cash awards to winners.


Extending the range of commercial partners becomes a new target.

Temeco begins the collaboration with Kenwood (car audio systems) and makes the first import in Romania of Dötz alloy wheels, with exclusive trade rights.

Within Dacia Nova Cup, Temeco sets a new premiere: equipping a Dacia racing car with injection system.


Temeco implements the national legal standards as to the distribution and mounting services of car-kit mobile telephony.

The distribution network reaches maturity having established precise routes, serving an increasing number of customers.

ProCar begins the collaboration with Porsche Romania hence a new premiere: Skoda vehicles of the new generation are brought on Timisoara’s market, following the purchase of the Czech producer by the most powerful European automobile manufacturer, V.A.G.


The diversification policy continues through partnerships with well-knows companies in the field of car parts, power tools and car audio systems.

Temeco starts to cooperate with Aral Romania on automotive lubricant distribution.


The power tools repair workshop is the first in Romania, as a pilot project, to perform repairing under Bosch guaranty - a new confirmation of the team’s professionalism.


Makita power tools are listed in Temeco’s offer, along with repairing works within the guarantee period and beyond. 

The partnership as to the trade of Alpine hi-fi equipment takes off, providing customers easier access to car audio products of the highest quality.


Bosch adopts a new look by giving up its traditional colours (yellow and red). Temeco is the first Bosch Service in which Romania to customize the building in the new white-and-grey colours.

In order to keep up with customers' requests, the Power Tools Department enlarges its range of products with welding equipment and compressors.


Temeco and ProCar face a new change: total separation. ProCar moves its business into a new concept building, covering over 6500 square meters.

The new products offered by Temeco include generators and professional hand tools.

A new partnership, with Goodyear Dunlop Tires Romania, enables Temeco to enlarge its range of tires with Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda and Sava.


Following the relocation of ProCar, Temeco rearranges its built areas, particularly those intended for customer reception.

The car service equipment is brought up to date in order to diagnose and repair the newest vehicles on the market.


The AutoNews.ro portal is launched on August 25th, in the presence of local media representatives. A new partnership begins. AutoNews.ro targets automotive fans providing them with fresh news from the field.

Following the increasing number of car audio mountings, a new box is dedicated to the activity.

The Power Tools Department begins the trade of pneumatic tools.


Temeco keeps up with market trends and begins to sell GPS navigation systems and other IT car accessories.

Within the Bosch Car Service, as both the number of customers and their expectations increase, Temeco adds a new workshop box meant for diagnose and repair works.


With a view to better meet customer requests, the Auto Parts Distribution Department opens two area warehouses, in Sibiu and Satu Mare, which considerably reduce the time of delivery in these regions.

The Auto Services Department responds to customer needs by setting up a station of Technical Periodical Inspections, which carries out regular technical inspections required by law, for any type of vehicle, based on the standards imposed by the Romanian Car Register.

The sales and service team of the Power Tools Department focuses on increasing the quality of services it provides, especially on counselling customers in the process of purchasing tools, machinery and equipment.

Based on a history of interest in the motor sports field, Temeco is pleased to be a partner of two important automobile competitions: Banat Mountain Rally (June) and Carpatica Rally (November).

The year ends with a recognition granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Timis: Third Prize in the sector of „commerce with vehicles, parts, exchange accessories and fuel for vehicles” within the group of „commerce, export and tourism”, following the results obtained in 2006.


During the years, we learned that selling is not the toughest part – but only selling is not enough. The products are not everything a customer needs. Regardless the product (a sparking plug, a driller or a set of loudspeakers), the customer needs mounting and / or repairing it.

The experience tells us that only providing a whole package, focusing both on products and their correspondingservices, is likely to solve customers’ problems at a level closest to their expectations.